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Seniors Housing & Care Data

NIC MAP® Data Service (NIC MAP) is a web-based suite of research and analysis tools that tracks and reports seniors housing and care data on more than 13,000 properties within 99 U.S. metropolitan markets.

Established in 2004, NIC MAP creates transparency for seniors housing and care by offering accurate, unbiased and actionable market-level data on the entire sector’s property types and care segments including:

  • Independent Living (IL)
  • Assisted Living (AL)
  • Memory Care (MC)
  • Nursing Care (NC)

NIC MAP offers four service offerings that can be customized based on your geographical needs, including:

  • Professional
  • Local
  • Fundamentals & Insights
  • Portfolios

Use NIC MAP's powerful web-based suite of tools and reports to:

  • Search for competitive properties
  • Assess local market conditions
  • View construction activity
  • View sales transactions
  • Analyze market trends
  • Rank market performance
  • Perform due diligence
  • Underwrite
  • Monitor portfolio performance
  • Actively track industry and market trends
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NIC Hires Beth Burnham Mace as Chief Economist

Seniors Housing Occupancy Rises, Rent Growth Remains Stable, and Construction Activity Moderates Slightly in the 4th Quarter

Market Fundamentals 3Q 2014
Seniors Housing Nursing Care
Occupancy (%) 90.3   88.3  
Annual Rent Growth (%) 2.3   2.8  
Annual Absorption (%) 2.9   0.8  
Annual Inventory Growth (%) 1.7   0.0  
Construction vs. Inventory (%) 3.4   0.4  
Starts vs. Inventory (%)* 2.1   0.3  
* Rolling 4-Quarters More Information

About the Data
Use the NIC MAP® Data Service to monitor portfolio performance, track market trends and much more.